Safety First
The Schmidt family takes pride in operating their carnival 
safely. Experience and training combined with 
maintenance and daily inspections to create a safe 
family friendly environment. 
We maintain a large facility at our winter quarters in 
Standish, Michigan where annual maintenance is 
performed.  A mobile maintenance shop is also carried 
on the road. This shop is stocked with tools and repair 
parts for minor on location repairs when needed during 
the operating season. 
All Schmidt Amusement rides are annually inspected by 
the State of Michigan. All rides are inspected daily by 
employees who are trained to participate in the daily 
inspection process. Each attraction is carefully checked 
prior to opening each day. Written reports document the 
inspections. Operations employees and their supervisors 
constantly check the equipment throughout the day. 

Staff members attend industry safety seminars to keep up 
to date with the latest trends. Communication with 
amusement ride manufacturers, the State of Michigan and 
federal regulators gives us the latest information we need 
to keep our equipment safe for employees and our patrons. 

Our safety guidelines are clearly posted on safety signs 
posted at each ride, that warn the riders of possible 
reasons why they should not ride the ride, such as height 
restrictions or medical reasons. 
We take great pride in providing a clean and safe carnival 
for the whole family to enjoy. For the safety of your family, 
we highly recommond  the following rules when riding 
amusement rides wherever you go:
  • Always use safety equipment such as a seat belt, 
    shoulder harness, lap bar or other devices when 
  • Always keep hands, arms and legs inside the ride
    at all times.
  • Always remain in the ride until it comes to a complete
  • Read the posted rules for each ride.
  • Observe age, height and weight restrictions, as they 
    may be different for different rides.
  • Follow the instructions of the ride operator.    


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